This is the proverbial question that we must all face in life. Nothing is ever perfect in life or in the church. The pessimist looks at this and says it’s horrible; things are not like they used to be. The glass is half empty, remember when it was full? It just doesn’t seem worth it, things are not as good as they could be. The optimist looks and says, hey maybe it isn’t as good as it could be but it is not all bad; it could be worse. Look we still have half a glass of water left, things are pretty good. Then there is the pragmatist who looks at the glass, picks it up and drinks the water! Which one of the three are you? The real question is which one should you be? Well, which one do you think God wants you to be? I am thinking that being a pessimist is not on his list of things he desires. The reason being that pessimism is related to worry which is a sin before God. To be pessimistic is to show a lack of faith and trust in God. It is to bemoan the fact that the glass is only half full. It is to show a lack of appreciation for the fact, that well its half full. I mean it could be empty; then you would have a reason to complain!

God calls upon us to look at the glass as half full. There is water there to drink, there is something to work with, God has blessed us with some water! We can thank God for that, the future looks bright. God also calls upon us to be a pragmatist and drink the water. I mean it is not there to just look at and discuss; it is there to drink, so bottoms up! We need to use the resources and people that God has given us. We need to think this way both in our life and in the church. The fact is pessimism has never accomplished a thing, it hasn’t built anything, it hasn’t moved anything forward. Pessimism is a useless attitude that only feeds into self-pity and a lack of ability to get anything done. Optimism is one with faith and trust in God. It looks upon the glass and says God has given us something and we can use it to accomplish his will.

So as we start the school year and a new year in the church, let us do so as an optimistic pragmatist, trusting in God that he has a mission for us to accomplish in our community. The future is bright, the water is cold, and we have a glass that we can fill time and time again with God’s living water.

Pastor Fred