I posted a picture of one of my trees on Facebook the other day.  It was full of flowers and looked beautiful.  I wrote on my post that, “One of my trees says it’s spring.”  This past Saturday our family was up in Rochester Michigan for a track meet.  It had to be one of the coldest track meets I have ever been to.  It was absolutely miserable all day.  I felt like I was in Siberia.  It was so cold that even my competitive daughter wanted to go home instead of compete.  I was still recovering on Monday from being out in the wind and cold all Saturday.  So when I saw the tree on Tuesday morning I had to take a picture.  It was sunny, the tree was full of flowers and it was projected to be 82 by the afternoon.  The contrast between Saturday and Tuesday was like night and day. 

The contrast between Good Friday and Easter morning was just as stark.  Good Friday everything was black and cold and depressing.  Jesus had died on the cross and been buried.  The disciples didn’t know what to do, they suffered great anxiety and depression and even went into hiding in an upper room.  Easter morning though brought the resurrection, it brought life.  The Son rose and everything changed.  Spring was in the in air. 

Life can be like that at times.  Our sins can bring us down and remind us that we don’t measure up.  Everything can appear to be cold and darkness with no hope.  We do have hope though, it isn’t found in the flowers of spring but in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We have our hope in our forgiveness and eternal life.  The empty tomb says it’s spring in God’s world.  It says that salvation is ours and the future is sunny.

Pastor Fred