Tuesday October 30th was an exciting day for me.  I couldn’t wait until 7 P.M.  I had thought about it all day.  I made my predictions and just hoped I was going to be right.  At 7 P.M. I turned on ESPN and held my breath; it was the release of the first College Football Playoff Rankings for this year’s season.  The theme of the show is, “Who’s in.”  I am a Michigan and Notre Dame fan and I am also following Washington State University this year because it is just 8 miles down the road from where I went to college at the University of Idaho.  I was particularly interested in the top 6 because those are the ones that are “in” competition for big playoff games in January.  As it turned out, my hopes were fulfilled.  Notre Dame is currently ranked 3rd, Michigan is ranked 5th and WSU surprisingly is ranked 8th in the nation.  There are still many games to be played and those rankings very well may change, but it was a good first poll. 

What are you excited about?  As of this writing there are only 55 days until Christmas.  Are you excited about that?  What is “in”, for you?  How about Thanksgiving that is even closer?  If you are excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas what is the reason; the family dinner, turkey, stuffing, spiral ham, eggnog, and pumpkin pie?  Maybe it is the presents, or relatives coming to visit.  Then again maybe it is a big vacation that you have planned next year or some other thing you are doing.  We can get excited about a lot of things and that can be a good thing.  It is nice to have things in our lives that bring happiness and pleasure.  The question we have to ask ourselves though is what is the purpose of it?  What should we really be excited about in other words?

I like college football and I do get excited about it, but I also know that it is just a game and in the big story it is a just a fun distraction.  Michigan winning the national championship in January would be great, but again not of great importance in the grand scheme of things.  So what is really important in the grand scheme of things?  How about your eternal salvation?  That is something to be excited about and to focus on.  Your relationship with God is the most important thing that you have.  In the poll of all things that you get excited about where does God rank?  It is a question we all have to answer.

The good news is that God has a championship playoff ranking as well and not only are you ranked number one in his poll but you are also already declared the champion.  You are God’s most important priority and he is always excited about you.  He always has the You show on his eternal TV and you are also always “in” with God.  

Pastor Fred