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9:45 am 
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Communion - 1st and 3rd Sunday


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The Church and Learning Center recently experienced phone and email outages.  Services have been restored.  If you tried to contact the Church or Learning Center for more information, please try again.  Phone: 419-382-0410       Email:


Pastor's Message - Pull Up a Pew, This is a Good One

News / Announcements


June 3 – Naaman – A Syrian gets clean in some dirty water.  2 Kings 5

June 10 – Jabez – He prayed and made some evangelicals rich two thousand years later.  1 Chronicles 4:10 

 June 17 – Josiah – He discovers a lost library book and saves the nation a big fine by making them read it.  2 Kings 22-23

June 24 – Esther - Born for such a time as this.  The book of Esther

July 1 – The thief on the cross -  Get sentenced to death, meet Jesus, be declared forgiven, and get sent to heaven.  Luke 23:32-43  

August 5 – Ehud – Never trust a left handed man who wants to tell you a secret.  Judges 3 

August 12 – Korah – You are on the wrong side of history when you go against God’s will.  Numbers 16

August 19 – Jethro – The first MBA course in the Bible.  Exodus 18

August 26 – Elishama – Who?  He leaves behind valuable DNA evidence for the truthfulness of Scripture.  Jeremiah 36:12 

September 2 – Balaam - When your donkey is smarter than you, you are in trouble. Numbers 22 


As you know Jesus died for our salvation but there are some challenges to meet to help spread God’s Word.  We need more team members - for Education Board-contact Vivian Nelson, Stewardship Board-contact Bill and Kathy Ewald and VBS-contact Darla Hearn.

In Acts 1 Matthias was chosen, in 1st Corinthians 11 we are told we have different talents. Give yourself a chance - you can make a difference.

Bill & Kathy Ewald, Stewardship Team


Our Men’s Group will meet again the third Saturday of the month at 8:00 a.m. for donuts and coffee and short study.  This will be followed by an hour of working on maintenance of the church. 


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