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I like to listen to the Bible in the morning on   One particular morning I was listening to Matthew Chapter 1 and heard the genealogy of Jesus.  I have read the genealogy more times than I can remember but this particular morning the richness of God’s grace in it hit me hard.  It was like my eyes popped open and my mind went into overdrive as the whole Old Testament message of salvation was laid out in the most glorious way.  I realized I need to preach that!  Over the next few days I went over the genealogy with a fine tooth comb.  Obviously I cannot preach about every name in the genealogy, some do not have enough information to preach about and plus there are just too many.  So I went through and picked out the main ones.  Matthew is not the only gospel with a genealogy; Luke has a very extensive one going clear back Adam, but the one in Matthew is more compact and in some ways more revealing of God’s grace in who he chooses to be Jesus’ ancestors.  To say that the list is interesting would be an understatement and each one has a unique story all their own.  So from the second week of September until right before Thanksgiving in November we will be looking at their stories one by one and what they tell us about God’s grace and love for us today.  There will be much more coming out by the middle of August including detailed descriptions of what to expect and also ways to get it out to your friends and neighbors.  I am just giving you a snapshot of what I have put together so far on each one of them. 

First up we have Abraham, needless to say Abraham had many sons, and you and I are one of them.  Then there is Isaac, the laughter of God, talk about a guy with older parents?  Next on deck is Jacob, the deceiver and ladder climber and the first of the patriarchs with a bunch of kids, he gets his name changed to Israel and nothing has been the same since.  One of those kids is Judah, he is the ancestor of Jesus who sleeps with his daughter-in-law who he thinks is a prostitute and produces yet another ancestor of Jesus.  Things get complicated after this with some guy named Salmon and his better known wife Rahab, another prostitute, who joins the family and not only becomes a great grandmother of Jesus but also gives birth to a son by the name of Boaz who then marries Ruth a Moabitess from the book of Ruth who gives birth to an ancestor of David.  David is a righteous king that sleeps with his neighbor’s wife Bathsheba, has her husband killed and then eventually has a son by her by the name of Solomon, the wisest man in the world and another ancestor of Jesus.  Solomon has a son named Rehoboam who is as foolish as his father is wise and splits the nation in two, but he too is a granddaddy of Jesus.  Hezekiah who takes center stage next is a repentant good king of Judah, a real rarity.  Hezekiah has a lot to teach us about grace.  Josiah is the last good king before the captivity and he does everything he can to save his people and he does bring them back to God, but in the end he is not the Savior it will take someone from a future generation to accomplish that.  The odd duck in the mix is the last one Zerubbabel, he is one of the rebuilders of the temple after the return from exile he is an ancestor of Jesus and also helps set the scene for his arrival. 

I think this series will not only be interesting but will open up the Old Testament for you to see that Jesus is the center of it and that it all points to what is going to happen in the New Testament.  We will find Jesus in each of these people’s lives and that will point us to Jesus who is in our lives today.  It will also show us that God works through the best and the worst and the most unlikely people you could think of including us.

- Pastor Fred


We had a great time on the July workday!  We started working on the fleece blankets, the eyeglass cases, the witness bracelets, the pillowcase dresses and the quilts.  And we talked a lot!  Grace Harris took home the (60+) pillowcase dresses to work on, Janice Breitner and Andrea Gernhauser took home the witness bracelets to work on, and I took home about 20 t-shirts to make diapers from.  Sharon Schwanke and Alice Strieter continue to work on quilt tops.

So there is a lot to finish in August.  Please consider joining us at Prince of Peace on Aug. 24th from 9 to 2 pm.  Prince of Peace is located on Pickle Road in Oregon.  Do you want to get a carpool together?  You can get to know more of the Lutheran ladies in our area and at the same time use your hands to do something good for someone less fortunate.

Hope to see you then! - Vivian


Sunday School is taking on a new look this fall!  Sunday School is becoming a FAMILY EVENT.  Starting on September 8th, we will be doing an opening service for everyone in the sanctuary for 10 minutes beginning at 9:30. Songs will be selected for both adults and children.  An offering will be taken at that time.

Then everyone is invited to class – parents are invited to join their children in their classes, and those whose children are grown are invited to join the adult Bible study class.  The teacher for the High School class will be Tomeka Shum; Ted Ware is teaching the confirmation students; Pastor Fred will lead the adult class; Darla Hearn has the youngest class; Vivian Nelson will teach the middle-schoolers.


On August 24 a walk event will be held for the awareness of domestic violence.  The 2.5 mile walk named “Tammy’s Walk” begins at 9:30 a.m. at the Walbridge Park Gazebo.  There will be refreshments and raffles that have been donated by several businesses in the Toledo area.  All proceeds go directly to Advocates for Victims and Justice, Inc. in the Toledo area.  For more information see the flyers on the bulletin board.



“And if it seems evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other sides of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15

When you hear of or see jobs that need done (John Randolph had announced the need of weeding the gardens at the front of church) and you know how to do at least part of it – get working.  Kathy and I are weeding and mulching our flower gardens; therefore, we took care of the church’s front flower gardens.  When we finished the mulching, we saw Mike Davis with his car not starting so we helped him get his car started.

The Stewardship Committee would still welcome more help.  Also, as the Stewardship Committee prepares for the Fall Stewardship Campaign pray for God’s help in preparing yourself for the campaign.

Please remember to financially help the Church Property Committee by giving to the Building or Renovation Fund.  Also remember the Education, Outreach, Altar Guild Committees and the various missions that the church helps.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.” – Ephesians 6:10

- Bill & Kathy Ewald


Saturday, Aug. 17th, 8-9:30 am - Our Men’s Group will meet again the third Saturday of the month at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast and Bible study. 



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